Giving back to those in need sits at the heart of Social Architects’ mission to socially build together. To date, we’ve donated over $90,000 to better serve youth through nationwide programs, safe spaces, scholarships, resources, and more. We are dedicated to empowering the youth and students from all walks of life to be the change they want to see in the future.

I grew up going to the Boys & Girls Club and it was a place to get out and go learn, have fun, and be with my community. Fast forward through my professional career and into a business of my own – and I still enjoy visiting community centers to mentor kids, see people from the surrounding neighborhoods, and to be able to watch young leaders grow.

Terry Frasier, Founder + CEO

Our Leaders are the Youth of today

It is Social Architects’ goal is to donate $50K each year for the following:


Social Architects supports the mission and goals of the Boys & Girls Club to serve as a safe haven for kids to reach their full potential and achieve their greatest successes. Each year, we host The Annual Congressional Black Caucus Black & White Gala as a fundraiser benefiting Boys & Girls Club centers throughout the nation.

The Boys and Girls Club was founded over 150 years ago in Hartford, Connecticut and since then expanded to over 4,100 facilities throughout the US and military institutions serving more than four million youth. The Boys and Girls Club creates an environment that allows kids to reach their full potential and achieve destined success. Social Architects is committed to supporting the vision and mission of Boys and Girls Club through our philanthropic efforts.


Social Architects recognizes students of excellence that would like to pursue higher education but face financial difficulty. Our annual scholarship awards reception brings the community together to champion our youth but also provides a source of funding to support their future education.  The aim of our scholarship fund is to help underrepresented minorities access certain academic fields and increase campus diversity. Additionally, we financially support and partner with other organizations with similar missions to help students attend college.

Historically Black Colleges (HBCUs) are community staples for promising black youth in America. Social Architects believes in its rich legacy and institutional excellence of higher education as it maintains an environment of safety, creativity and culture for optimal learning for students of color.