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Social Architects recognizes students of excellence that would like to attend various colleges and universities but face financial difficulty. Our annual scholarship awards reception brings together the community to recognize and uplift our youth and support them as they continue to lead our future. We also partner with other groups and organizations to support other scholarship programs and efforts.


Soldiers of the United States Military serve to protect the rights of all Americans. Unfortunately, when our heroes return home, many are forgotten. Social Architects is committed to assisting organizations that work directly with homeless veterans and wounded warriors.

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Kids (Boys and Girls Clubs)

The Boys and Girls Club was founded over 150 years ago in Hartford, Connecticut and since then expanded to over 4,100 facilities throughout the US and military institutions serving more than four million youth. This distinct legacy has been known to produce the greatnesses of Allen Iverson, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, and hundreds of notable alumni. If every community had a Boys and Girls Club, there would be a tremendous impact on communities. Students would have a safe haven to reach their full potential and achieve destined success. Social Architects is committed to supporting the vision and mission of Boys  and Girls Club.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 for all programs listed above by December 2016.

Proceeds from various events will contribute to this goal. 


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